FBI statistics reveal 33% of burglaries occur when someone is in the residence. Prime Alert specializes in partnering with the discerning homeowner who demands the maximum protection reducing the possibility of entry under any circumstances and is aware that a "one-size-fits-all" mentality does not give you adequate protection as each system has to be profiled to the customers "lifestyle," especially high profile individuals and their families that are public domain.
Prime Alerts management researches the residential area to determine:
  1. Criminal activity in the immediate area.
  2. Average income.
  3. Level of private security.
  4. The structure of the residence and areas of vulnerability to entry.
  5. The layout of the landscape and location of areas where a burglar can capitalize on cover when attempting an entry.
  6. The susceptibility to daytime thefts.
  7. Law enforcement response to emergencies and criminal activities.

These elements along with the families concerns are evaluated and our consultants recommend a security system that will reduce the temptation of entry onto and into your premisis.

Prime Alert has many years of experience installing Intrusion, Fire Detection, Video, Intercom, Close Circuit Television and Automated Home Controls.
If you are considering a security system for your residence or business, we suggest you get three bids and make sure one is ours.